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We keep your dog happy!
UC Barkley’s pet boarding is the perfect solution for when you travel and want your dog to stay safe, reliable, fun, and feels like they are home.

Our staff goes the extra mile to provide the best care possible, in a clean and safe environment that your dog will love.

This means your dog can find lots of friends here and your dog will be much happier than when they are staying home all day themselves. It’s like a vacation for your dog when you travel!

Your Dog’s Happiness is our Primary Concern
We are raising the standard of care in dog boarding, in order to deliver an exceptional experience time after time, for both you and your dog.

Here are some of the highlights:

• Dogs will play in groups indoor throughout each day
• The safest area in Lake Forest

Your Dog’s Experience

Our playtime experience includes:
• Separation of the dogs into groups based on their size and temperament
• Indoor play floor
• Wooden flooring, which keeps the room sanitary and odor-free
• All playgroups are monitored at all times by experienced staff

Bring Your Dog’s Own Food
A lot of boarding businesses across the country won’t let you bring your own food, and will only feed their own. This is not fun for anyone and will likely lead to an unhealthy situation, such as diarrhea, an upset stomach, weight loss, lethargy, and undue stress. When your dog stays with us, we strongly encourage you to bring your own food so he is happy.

Bring Your Dog’s Own Bed, Chews, and Toys
Everyone enjoys sleeping in their own bed, and dogs are no exception. We want to make your dog feel at home, so when she stays with us, you can bring her bed, blanket, chews, and toys (as long as they are non-squeaky and non-destructible, such as a Kong). Have a puppy? You can even bring her crate if you want. Forgot your bed? We can add a blanket at no additional charge. These are benefits not allowed by a lot of other boarding places.

Familiar Surrounding
If your dog already comes to UC Barkley for other services such as daycare, she will already be very comfortable in her surroundings and with our staff. That is very important to help relieve your dog’s stress while you’re out of town and will help her stay be far more enjoyable.

Calming Music
We play calming music in our boarding rooms at all times. This can help your dog feel relaxed, and it keeps them from hearing noises at night that might cause them to bark or not sleep as well.

Here at UC Barkley, your pets’ health, safety, comfort, and happiness are our best priority. To ensure that your pet receives the best care we can provide, please take the time to read the following so that together we can make your pets’ visit a positive experience.

In order to have fun, each pet is required to be current on his/her vaccinations and fecal test. However, if your pet is not current on his or her vaccines, please schedule for them to be vaccinated beforehand or the day of. Please be advised that your pet will be on safe care for 72 hours before being allowed to play with the general population after vaccination has been given. For any pet receiving a fecal test during the reservation, we will need to receive a negative result before allowing them into the yard. Be sure to have these requirements done prior to your reservation.

Happy to welcome you to
our circle of friends


We use only the safest cleaning products formulated specifically for use around animals.


We have indoor climate-controlled space with HVAC filtration.


Our experienced staff can administer medications.


Dogs are taken outside to our fenced yard for multiple potty breaks throughout the day.

20562 Regency Ln Suite #B, Lake Forest CA 92630