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Raising the Standard
Do you want to keep your dog well-socialized? Do you wish he was more tired when you get home? Do you think his day should be more exciting than a walk or two?

If so, UC Barkley’s dog daycare is here for you! We have daycare seven days per week, and our staff is dedicated to making sure your friend comes home happy and healthy.

We are raising the standard of care in dog boarding, in order to deliver an exceptional experience time after time, for both you and your dog.

Here are some of the highlights:
• Dogs are separated into playgroups based on their size and temperament
• Playground equipment, grass made for dog play
• Hours are 8:00 am - 5:00 pm on weekdays
• Weekend daycare available

Flexible Hours
On weekdays, you can drop off your dog as early as 8:00 am and can pick up as late as 5 pm.
This gives you plenty of flexibility for using daycare without disrupting your work schedule. On weekends, the hours are from Sat 8 :30 am to 3:30 pm.

Your Dog’s Experience

Separated Playgroups Based on Size and Temperament
UC Barkley makes every effort to keep our dogs in manageable playgroups. For example, we have groups for big, small, active, and less active dogs. We also ensure that your dog gets enough rest during the day after activity. All of this helps your furry friend be comfortable, avoid skirmishes, minimize stress, and get the most out of spending the day with us. Please note that we separate by both size and temperament, meaning that on a given day, we may have some gentle or senior larger dogs in the same play zone as the small dogs if that is where they are best suited. We would not have a larger dog be with small ones if it presented an undue risk.

Extra Nap Time Available
Some dogs just can’t handle being in play throughout the day, even if they were in naptime for a brief period. If you desire, you can request additional nap time for your dog if necessary.

Professional Staff
We are very proud that all of our staff members are professional, know how to properly handle dogs, and are very passionate about them. Every job applicant must have prior professional experience in working with dogs in some capacity. If an issue arises, we’ll call you and let you know, and we’ll give you straight talk. You can rest assured that your furry friend is in good hands while in our care.

We Require written proof of updated vaccinations on an ongoing basis
Believe it or not, many dog businesses don’t require proof of vaccinations, or they may ask for a document the first time but do not ask for it again once you keep going there over time. You shouldn’t accept this, as it can put all the dogs at risk, especially if there are any contagious conditions going around in the dog community.

At UC Barkley, we put several steps in place to minimize any health risk to your dog:
• No dog may be with the others if any required vaccination is more than a few days out of date.
• Our all-digital system automatically tracks all vaccination due dates and keeps computerized copies
of any documents you send us.
• Any time you make a reservation for any of our services, we will notify you if we need an updated
• You can either bring in the document or e-mail it. We will send you an e-mail confirmation
once we receive any documents on your account.

Happy to welcome you to
our circle of friends


We use only the safest cleaning products formulated specifically for use around animals.


We have indoor climate-controlled space with HVAC filtration.


Our experienced staff can administer medications.


Dogs are taken outside to our fenced yard for multiple potty breaks throughout the day.

20562 Regency Ln Suite #B, Lake Forest CA 92630