Frequently Asked Questions

Is there someone watching my dog 24/7?

Yes, we are supervising your dogs 24/7/365.

Do you allow pitbulls/dobermans/aggressive breeds to come here? Are they allowed in the yards?

All dogs are welcome at UC Barkley but NO AGGRESSIVE PETS ARE ALLOWED, no matter which breeds : For the safety of all pets and staff, UC Barkley is not the right Pet Hotel for aggressive dogs of any type. We will not be able to accept dogs that show aggression towards other dogs or members of the UC Barkley staff. We reserve the right to refuse services for any pup that we consider may pose a risk or hazard to themselves or to others, or that cannot be safely handled.

I just adopted my dog so I don’t know how he will be around other dogs.

We will evaluate your dog’s social compatibility with our other guests in order to create the best possible experience. Before their first time in daycare or boarding at UC Barkley, every pet will go through a screening process. This ensures that pets play well and socialize together.

Is there a discount for multiple dogs in a family?

Yes UC Barkley offers various promotions. For example, sibling gets 10% off. Ask us today!

What are your boarding check-in and check-out times?

Your boarding stay starts whenever you arrive, you can pickup your dogs anytime during the business hour.

Do you charge extra to give medications?

Please bring all medications and supplements in their original, labeled containers. We will gladly administer any medications and/or supplements for $5 per day.

Does boarding include daycare, or do I pay separate for playtime?

Yes! Daycare play time is included with boarding at no additional cost.

How often are they taken out to play?

Most of our canine guests spend up to 8 hours daily in the play yards. Our playtime cycle guests will go for a potty break or enjoy individual playtime every 3-4 hours.

If I have multiple dogs, do they get the same room?

At your request, your dogs can share a room. We will feed them separately in order to monitor each dog’s consumption, and they can be together at all other times.

What if my dog doesn’t eat while here?

We monitor all of guest’s food consumption and weight. Some dogs eat less while they are away from home, even when they are active in the play yards. We will contact you if we have concerns about your dog’s appetite.

My dog drank so much water when he came home, did you offer him water?

Dogs have access to water at all times. For some dogs, drinking water upon arriving at home is a normal behavioral pattern. Also, some dogs drink normally in their bedrooms but can be shy about drinking in the play yards.

I’m boarding my dog for the first time. How do I prepare?

You can make a reservation by calling the concierge and through our website at any of our resorts. You can review all of our boarding requirements on our website, and you can fill out all of the required forms online as well. You can bring your own food, toys, treats and bedding.

Are the dogs supervised overnight?

Yes, our staff supervise all guests overnight.

What are the benefits of dog daycare?

Daycare at UC Barkley is a wonderful opportunity for supervised socialization and exercise. Your dog will enjoy a day filled with attention and activity.

What is the minimum age for dog daycare?

Dogs must be fully vaccinated (and evaluated for social compatibility) in order to participate in the play yards. Dogs that are not yet fully vaccinated are invited to stay under our supervised Safecare program.

My dog is not social (aggressive/terrified/shy/etc) will he/she be stuck in a room all day?

We will work with you and your dog to create a unique experience so that your dog can be active and feel safe. But unfortunately we do not accept any aggressive dogs for the safety of other dogs and our staffs.
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